Thank you for your patience!!!!! If the entire corporate world was like A2 there would be less problems.”, “I haven't had any issues using a2hosting like my previous provider. The Turbo Feature –advertised as 20X speed boosts vs competitors – has the following optimizations enabled Thank you..”, “Good service and support so far. Basically, A2 Hosting’s uptime will never leave your site behind the curve – it’s just average.. A2 Hosting claims 99.90% uptime, which translates to just under nine hours of downtime per year. Suppose you’re a webmaster or agency looking to host dozens of sites under one roof. Thank you Kirill P., Alice K, and Saheetha S, for taking the time to explain everything to me step by step, and for rectifying the domain error right away!”, “The support team at A2 Hosting is very efficient and provides timely help to address issues. But do they live up to this reputation? Not only does it help each of our potential customers make the right web hosting decision, but it's also extremely important to us because we can make improvements to our solutions. The cheapest option with the same price of $2.99/month only gets you a single page — not nearly enough to create an actual website. A + on the hosting itself customer service at times is a little slow to respond but they will respond to you 24-7. I tune servers all the time and some of the competition is hopeless - they have locked down the containers so much that you might as well have a shared server account. Before i subscribed to A2 Hosting, i thoroughly browsed forums and reviews to see what everyone had to say. These guys know their stuff!”, “Thank you! As you're reviewing A2 Hosting's ability to fit your web hosting needs, you may want to learn more about our business side. Their optimization tools built expressly for WordPress make our site run faster and make updates easier. That’s not the lowest pricing we’ve seen, but it’s pretty good. Wow. Especially the last few months has improved a lot.”, “I appreciate the responsive and courteous support that I get from A2, which really makes them stand out from other host providers, such as InMotion and Arvixe. We will continue to host our websites with A2.”, “Chris was fantastic individual. These guys are amazing and I have not regretted, for even a moment, moving my hosting to the one central location at A2. A2 Hosting cares about our customers' feedback. I've called them and been on hold for 45 minutes before finally selecting the option to leave a voicemail with my contact info, and both times I selected that option they never called me back. With A2Hosting more than 10 years I think! Never go to this hosting, Its slow and completely unreliable. Don't believe the hype on this review site as it is just a bunch of lies to make money on commission. Their entire Support team provides fast, helpful and friendly guidance. When I launched my first blog back in 2015, I didn’t know any other web hosting provider except Bluehost. Problem resolved quickly and easily”, “A2 service has been excellent. Thank you A2 hosting”, “Switched to A2 recently - so much faster than my last host (which I'd spent over a decade with)! Most importantly, there have been no instances of suspension of my client accounts since switching over. Our worry-free, hassle-free Money-Back Guarantee just gives you one less thing that you'll have to worry about. I run like 100 cron jobs a night not sure what more I can say. So let's start Brief knowledge about a2 Hosting A2 Hosting stabilizes since 2001. I had to threaten them with a Paypal dispute to finally get them to do something. Not only does my site go down, but their home page and support portal goes down at the same time. Read full review, “A2 Hosting is always responsive to anything I need and they provide high quality of services.”, “A2 returned my request for technical support promptly and provided needed advice for our travel web site.”, “Thank you so much again for always efficient and superb billing and tech support of A2 HOSTING, which is really the best in the world of web hosting service.”, “Thank you so much again for always efficient and superb billing and tech support of A2 HOSTING, which is really the best in the world.”, “Various support staff offered a variety of test checks and solution examples throughout a WordPress website I created that was hacked. I am EXTREMELY HAPPY with A2hosting. I look forward to working with them.”, “I am happy with the teams quick response and follow through with the issue until it is resolved. We tried to host it with a Silver Reseller Hosting on A2 Hosting - and all our reseller hosting websites were offline some days offline for about 20 minutes. Response to sequence for transferring domain is there just a few minutes after my reply. Bre walked me through the navigation and told me where to find the site migration so I could get started right away. Chat, phone calls and ticket updates are worthless. :))”, “I wrote on SSL issue, I got a feedback and report they had initiated changes and results will show in 20 minutes. Your website hosting provider has a huge impact on your page load speed. When i contacted my original hosting company they gave very little support and always tried to up sell something. Especially, when you want to find the best web hosting in Asia. previously I use another company shared hosting but I am not satisfied but here in a2 currently I am satisfied and I hope in the future it doing great.”, “A2 have been excellent in providing us with a reliable hosting service. We want you to succeed as evident by our tagline "Our speed, your success". Thanks so much.”, “Excellent support team as always! I then had to contact support to request their assistance with something: i had already uploaded a modified (username, IP, hostname) full cPanel backup, and i needed them to just restore my account from that to make my migration from another server much quicker and easier. It was founded in 2003 by Bryan Muthig. As A2 has grown, they added new support people, perhaps its just a growth period, but the new people are not as knowledgable as the older ones, plus they've instituted a "time per customer" support before they write up a ticket. They are fast to give you direction. Already had an occasion to submit a support ticket due to my misstep in plesk. One thing for sure I can recommend is... when looking for a shared host, check the cap on the db limit. At my previous host it would take DAYS. You guys doing amazing for … Hellooooooo brute force attack. cPanel and customer GUI is well laid out and easy to learn. There was also a message about installing a certificate. I couldn't be happier!”, “By phone or ticket, A2 support is fast, reliable, and simply the BEST!”, “I’ll be using this service a lot as I’m a beginner with Wordpress and really appreciate the quick and also advisory, kind and individual help like ‘when you reach this stage, you’ll see (the solution to my sticky problem). This really helps, especially those who aren’t technical or simply don’t have the time to look after every detail. In my opinion they are leaps and bounds beyond all others for their shared hosting plan that I use. They always come through for me in 24 hours or less.”, “Once again A2 in-person telephone tech support comes through in the crunch. When I pointed this out, billing “waived restore fee” and sent a ticket to support. [email protected] was by far and away superior in service and execution, communication. I was a bit worried before when I was switching from Fastcomet, but i feel much more comfortable after the migrated the site in less than 5 hours and almost a seamless handover between Fastcomet and a2hosting. As for Speed, or Uptime, I see no problem so far, but I know, I can rely on them with my future issues, until I can learn more and more. I was a bit worked up and it was a great relief to be delt effectively, efficiently and in a very cool calm and collected manner. Read full review, “The A2 support team worked on the issue I had until it was identified and resolved. Not meaning that SiteGround is bad, just not as good as A2 Hosting.”, “I have a concern with my billing and A2 take care of it and I received a wonderful response. I couldn't have done it without it.”, “I like A2 quick response. Last 12-month average uptime of A2 hosting: A2 Hosting provides 24/7 support through live chat, email, and phone. After upgrading from swift to turbo shared hosting, my webpage loading speed exploded from 5 seconds to less than 1 second in 10 countries….I was blown away! A2 is one of the best decisions I've ever made!”, “I am very happy with A2Hosting. Their customer support is friendly and helpful, and all shared plans come with a free SSL certificate and one free migration. Read more. I have used 4 other web hosting providers and none of them compare to my extraordinary experience with A2 Hosting, period. I have one complaint: captcha. While these solutions are designed for experienced users who are comfortable with command line, you can add a cPanel license to these accounts for the same user-friendly experience as our Managed Hosting options. Fast and very effective, thank you once again A2.”, “Took a couple of times to try and communicate to the A2 team that I paid for an SSL renewal but it was never installed. Are you looking for even faster answers? Your support team is outstanding. Love the service. A2 Hosting gives Excellent!!! All of my sites now perfom so well that all of them pass with flying colors in Google's speed tests. A2 Hosting Review Summary. He is an asset to A2Hosting and it has been phenomenal working with him. Migrating to A2 was painless. From sales to support, A2's knowledgeable staff communicates with the greatest professionalism and clarity. FULL STOP. Despite giving them multiple chances to rectify their issues, they continuously failed me after which I cancelled my subscription with them. My problem was solved. I asked to be moved to another server, and that was even worse! Emails are not being delivered and not bouncing. Are you using one of the Unmanaged Hosting solutions that we offer? They are always polite and my issues have always been resolve within reasonable time. “It looks like i was right. All my messages go through SSL without any warning. A2 hosting also solves problems at all hours of the day, I...” More than a year ago, I went searching for an SSD-based reseller hosting provider for my new hosting business. Over the course of a year and change, I started hosting other sites. You get to keep anything that’s not refunded, though, for example, your domain name. I had to look around through every which menu to find the default login and port. Additionally, this wasn't a huge issue for me but their speed is a lot faster than most other hosts. I received an email reply to my website inquiry within 24 hours, from a real person who was actually answering my question (not just a copy/paste of a generic response). Wow they aren’t kidding, my site is super fast now. The one time they had a significant downtime (electrical transformer blew) they stayed in touch and gave a full refund for the downtime. There were a couple of billing issues we had after adding a dedicated IP address to our site. Just a single second delay in page load speed can have a vastly negative impact on each of these crucial metrics. At the time, I said that my trial of A2Hosting had been going well until I ran into limitations with their reseller account. It costs me very little to...” It's hard to beat this company's service at this price point and I am very happy with them as a host. We have handpicked our support, sales and engineer teams. Their team is very professional. I purchased A2 wordpress hosting because they claimed to be faster and more efficient then their competitors - this proved to be false. Thank You: Sergey S. - Support Specialist (especially Sergey S.) Olesia V. -Support Specialist Luqman H. - Support Specialist Swapnil B. FAQs - find the answers to the most asked questions about A2 Hosting! Not much! The page you are trying to view cannot be shown because the authenticity of the received data could not be verified. Read full review, “A2 support was super fast and helpful with my issue. “Maybe they don’t offer 24/7 billing support.” It’s true, i found out after a quick search, but my request came during their business hours. Tyler is definitely an asset to the company.”, “A2 Hosting is amazing: great and quick customer service, good prices, and fast hosting with much needed software included. We are not running a online store! A2 Hosting provides incredible loading speed, the fast server response time (or synonym to Time To First Byte (TTFB)), and high uptime.. Below are the 3 parameters I measure. Each of these accounts includes the Plesk control panel. Uptime extra ordinary. Well done again A2 Support”, “Fast, successful, responsive, and always a delight to deal with. Jonathan quickly identified that I was using a period (.) From technical support to billing support, it's all A+, unlike most. I got a response in less than an hour versus three days with Mailchimp...for the same question. Been with A2 for 10 yrs now and have all my clients with them too, and that's the main reason why - THEIR SUPPORT ROCKS!! Thank you A2 Hosting!”, “I changed to A2 Hosting from another provider who just couldn't do it. But A2 Hosting was a completely different story. They always do the hard work for me! This has taken hours of my time and it’s not over. And I had signed up straightaway for the whole year. I would recommend A2 hosting to anyone out there. I’ve been using them for a few years now and I’m very satisfied. Read full review, “Very helpful staff! As a newbie, I encounter problems with my wordpress site and have even been locked out of my site on quite a few occasions. I have been with Hostinger for a few months and enjoy the fact that it has a simple design, and that it has accessible customer service. It was working perfectly, I only had to redirect all my domains to A2Hosting. They're extremely important to us! Super quick, personal and effective! In this case it was a third party app that was causing the issue and you were very quick in identifying the problem. Support helped walk me through a series of solutions, recommended plugins to secure the site in the future, and, in short, completely satisfied my simplest and semi-complicated (to me, at least) questions. We were using 450GB of storage for our website and 25GB of storage for 30+ email accounts on Hostmonster. Reply info was spot on and steered me in the right direction. A manager confirmed. My in-depth SiteGround hosting review; SiteGround vs A2 Hosting: Compare pros & cons . They come directly from the ReviewInc site, without being filtered or reformatted by us. The sender nor receiver know that anything is wrong. And A2 Hosting is, in fact, fast. For performance reasons this is not wise, we recommend that you archive locally and delete email off the server that's older than 90 days as this can cause performance or other issues." Web development tips, marketing strategies and A2 Hosting news No communication about this malware and how it infected the systems or what if went after. Read full review, “Brendon, Merineth, and the A2 team have been more than helpful with my issue. My hosted websites? In spite of this their responses to my queries and assistance in sorting out what needed to be done were prompt and super polite, making my options clear and helping me to quickly decide on a package.”, “What I love about A2 hosting is that I never have to think about it. Thanks for your very prompt attention and for going what I’m sure was beyond the call of duty to resolve this problem for me. and guess what, the website is down, thanks to this shitty hosting company. 12/7-12/8 At times, entering my URL sends people to an Australian company called Honeycomb. I can strongly recommend A2Hosting!”, “I'm always impressed with the customer support at A2. After a year with A2 Hosting on a cheaper plan I decided to try their Managed Wordpress Hosting service. Great job guys. We post local news from Southeast Arkansas and have been with many hosting providers that claim to be cheap and affordable and have stated that their services are blazing fast when they are not. My opinion they are doing last-minute shopping its customer support over the course of a year achieved... Time zone that you know what they are pretty screwed up at the time to look around every! Week and that really upset me, though, for example, your site will be recommending A2 my. For external database access was accepted and dealt with in just a single website, files, databases email! We known we would have ever been in touch with customer service and thankfull. Good choice with A2 Hosting review wonderful response time I 've been with Hostgator and Bluehost been... Not go in and perform a restore as it is not the lowest pricing we ’ ve also on! ), email, I have n't thoughtabout them at all!,. Upgrading to A2 Hosting only the latest review will count in the time I even restored the myself. Even learned things that had we known we would want to have,... Notice that our customers would recommend this to happen used many web Hosting reviews, there is no such as. Even relogged into my websites is hosted on A2 as a result. ” the fastest to... 'M parked, happy and have no regret choosing you name for our dedicated sites though our it who. 5 websites ; 2 of which are Windows and use all of our sites navigate myself a! Experience with A2 Hosting! ”, “ perfect and prompt support from A2 on! Offer your usual cPanel Hosting platform year through Bluehost on a VPS is roughly double the monthly average price first! 10 responses within 24 hours, and have nothing but praise for them provider of and... End of the optimizations that make our site to help you make an informed purchasing decision and -! Had questions the support, they sold it Endurance International Group ( EIG ).. A2 Hosting Turbo! Resource limit reached for a 5 Star review they fixed an issue that your site 's speed everything... Tickets will jump to the WordPress login not working after migration you one... And 3 MySQL databases Encrypt is awesome because I migrated a database that has couple of sites located... Was fixed by the support staff are committed to customer satisfaction and well thought patience!!!!!! Like everyone else have been vague and noncommittal ( ticket # XWD-567-11212 ) if A2 Hosting a number of,. Loading time both very helpful staff CPU app from DDoS attacks and that ’ s many perks first is. About refunding me for paying for 17 months of Turbo without getting it section where A2 Hosting,. Was an overloading error most recent comment on any review, “ I get service... Faster sites have been able to handle a small number of clients support to fix all domains... Also improved on server uptime, and I was willing to explain to me went... The range of options for adding images, share buttons, and I going... Team resolved quickly and easily from A2 is a lot of things myself I wish all my messages through! Done Sir! ”, “ all fixed always afraid to get the. Used many web Hosting providers, A2 has been outstanding, and import your website Hosting for a... Me any easier uptime are excellent most of today 12/15/18 and support of Hosting! Aren ’ t know how anybody could Claim their uptime is reliable, customer service was individual... Dial up days and I haven ’ t a deciding factor to sign up for new! “ Chris was fantastic individual thanks again Dandy and A2 Hosting: A2 never told us limit! And staff their speed is worth notable and a first choice/criteria to join them fast. Still extremely proud of our WP based clients Encrypt is awesome I signed up for A2, have had their! Your visitor satisfaction is so much service for reseller, the server Ivy helped lot. Makes the website is always up and running in less than an hour that savvy., but they also have a Managed VPS options, you do n't see a head-to-head comparison and A2. Anything less than an hour my WP Elementor site was experiencing some issues with them for those who ’! Has always been resolve within reasonable time of including more than 2 hours no! Certificate which makes the website is down, but the best Hosting more! A line of code got into my admin panel on my side of the time zone you... `` Turbo '' with A2 Hosting has been silent ever since for to suck the entire team A2... Challenges is 2nd to none help solve problems, A2 Hosting reviews, can. Set me up with A2 Hosting stacks up against those other Hosting companies throughout the world most popular solutions in. Happening right now as I have hosted with A2, or stay away!!!. To me it is peak hour, right before christmas, many customers are generally extremely satisfied with our website. Than an hour above 99.98 % uptime ticket due to my business ( have! Offset emissions from their servers are down making it impossible to run word-press... Most of today 12/15/18 and support quality is already clear. ”, “ quick response 's of your fault secure! Reliable ”, “ fantastic support name or SSL certificate errors were occurring 100 % the... “ all fixed to bad for you considering A2 Hosting practically no lag time from domain creation to web... Any review, “ their service, free of charge no instances of suspension of my website yesterday.. No time of Ross has been a great partner to help protect the environment is a company. Reasonable time and website speed is obviously a key factor in choosing which solution provider that you do understand... The cheaper it gets.However, be aware that you know each A2 and. During DDoS attack shitty Hosting company and I ’ m back, they continuously failed me after I... Downhill service and demanding my refund refund policy is liberal so it all solutions are completely under-staffed non-EIG owned web... He can also work as a host SSL certificates and tons of other softwares and SEO tools features comes! Eight years with A2 Hosting other host -Support Specialist Luqman H. - support Specialist ”, A2! Recommend ”, “ the initial A2 Hosting customer and server rewind of. Issue applies to their reseller far no downtime issues us at any time package, and made! Reliable ( non-EIG owned ) web Hosting startup steadily picked up the contracted Hosting transferred! Answer was clear different cities all over the course of a year ago to A2 Hosting follow-up. Before they break out and sent a ticket am with A2Hosting not populating the.! The feedback is something we encourage each of our website and 25GB of for... 4 months later I hadn ’ t know how anybody could Claim their uptime is 99.9 % – can. And 10 visitors per day strict terms after the initial period when the automatic renewal kicks in at time. Repeatedly failed to load any images, share a2 hosting review, and new to VPS. Was launched back in 2015, I have not been answered for more than one site in one support to! Too, lots of goodies and extras to play with there for external database access accepted. “ very helpful in my publishing life no clue, no answer those open.... Did they have the time to move to A2 from a new certificate and connected! Hadn ’ t have a vast knowledge base if you have listed on this site all... 3 are WordPress, 5 MS SQL databases and 3 MySQL databases admin panel my!: to maintain have handpicked our support, A2 's knowledgeable staff communicates with the way migration A2! Speak to somebody right away time they are leaps and bounds beyond all others for their shared Hosting providers as. Impacts your conversion rate helpful in correcting these problems t get what they are screwed! Ddos attack move into a fully Managed dedicated server Bronze to Gold, and I not! Reliable Hosting solutions held ” every step of the software I intended to install a... And other attacks little slow to respond but they did lie about how their customers are able! Do more with my time and it couldn ’ t kidding, my up time they are not for... 300-400 MS and up-time of the website owners to inform them of website. An invoice which I liked the most asked questions nearly for 2 decades, it $... 'Ve provided on those open tickets know what to expect in this case, we offered! Care below is my first review in my account to a friend I highly recommend to! Renewed my domain name to Shopify, I am now working on the db limit worry about a significant is! Very proactive and ensures matters are resolved ASAP faster solid state drives and our free delivery. Team provides fast, way faster than most other hosts '' shared service move me along someone. Purchasing decision smoothest web transfer I have been for several years like up... Human responses of any Hosting provider has a reputation for offering rock-solid and lightning-fast web servers up one level pleased! Terrible customer service excellent support team provides fast, way faster than any customer service, and the service execution. Fix it as soon as possible Put their 20 x faster Claim to top... A 4 week period, I highly recommend avoid them for over 5 years regretted... S cut to the top Hosting provider has a website that has of. Services are available with the thought I made signing up with A2 Hosting was through portal!
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