Pool Cues, Cases & Accessories

Looking for high-quality billiards equipment and accessories? Look no further than R.G. Billiards in Birmingham, Alabama. We will help you find the right accessories, equipment, and furnishings. From pool to poker, we've got you covered. We have custom pool cues, poker chips, darts, chess pieces, foosball equipment, and billiard cloth in all styles and colors.


We carry the largest selection of pool cues in the Birmingham Metro area from a variety of manufacturers. We can assist you in selecting the perfect cue stick for your skill level and playing style. We carry top brands and also have custom hand made cues available from:

Jerry Oliver • Southwest • OB  • Jackson • Dave Jacoby • Pechauer • Schon • Joss
Russ Espiritu • CueTec • McDermott • Predator • Sneaky Pete • Jump Break 
• Meucci • And many more, including the hard to find Andy Gilbert

We also have a wide variety of cue care tools and accessories including:

Tip Shapers • Replacement Shafts • Scuffers • Gloves • Powder
Cue Cleaners and Wax, Tip Picks • Ferrules • Joint Protectors
Master Chalk • Pocket Chalk Holders • Aramith Pool Balls • Cue Balls
Portable Cue Holders • Books, Videos, and Wall Decor

You can also shop our great selection of cases, both hard and soft, to keep your pool cue protected when not in use. Choose from J&J, Fury, Pro Series, Action, Instroke, John Barton, Flowers, Justice, 5280, Outlaw, and Win Omega in sizes ranging from 1x1 to 4x8.

Whether you’re a novice selecting your first pool cue, or seasoned shooter upgrading to a custom piece of equipment, choosing the right cue is a very personal decision, based on style preferences and feel of the cue stick. Our professional staff at R.G. Billiards will help you select a pool cue you’ll enjoy using for years to come and familiarizing you with various cue traits to consider such as:

  • Pool Cue Tip and Width: While a harder tip lasts longer and retains its rounded shape better, pool cues with a soft tip provide better feel through the shot. The frequency in which you play and your playing style will help determine the correct tip for your cue. We carry cues in various widths, from 11-14 mm, the legal tip size range for American pool, down to 12mm which may be a better fit for someone with smaller hands.
  • Pool Cue Weight: We generally recommend beginners start with a heavier cue, between 20-21 ounces, while learning to gain control of their shot. Seasoned players typically prefer lighter weight pool cues, 18-19 ounces, which requires more accuracy, but allows better control of the cue ball’s speed.
  • Wrap and Balance Point: Pool cues typically have either a linen, nylon, or leather wrap around the grip, to provide a pleasant, cushioned feel. Come see our selection of cues, and choose which wrap material is most comfortable to you before buying. Balance point is another consideration when choosing a pool cue. Holding the cue parallel to the floor, find the place where you can balance it on two fingers. Some cues have a balance point closer to the tip, while others balance toward the bottom or butt. Collar joints and bolt weights can be applied to the tip or butt shifting the balance point of a pool cue to customize its feel.

Game Room Accessories
Make your man cave or game room exactly how it should be with furniture and accessories for every gaming event with:

  • Pool Table Lights
  • Cue Racks
  • Beer Clocks
  • Game Tables
  • Poker Chips
  • Darts and Dart Boards
  • Bar Stools
  • Pictures
  • Spectator Chairs

Our friendly and professional staff will help you find exactly what you're looking for, and answer any questions you may have. Come see us at our Birmingham store today.


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