1-888-888-3082, Steven N. Berk 2014 Honda Accord with major oil consumption. P.O. What they ought to be getting is a new class action law suit to show they are still doing business as usual deceiving the public and making a boatload of money in the process! WHAT CAN YOU CLAIM Today Cyl 3 plug finally had to be replaced as well. [gravityform id="805" title="false" description="false" ajax="true" field_values="l=US"],
The dealer finally agreed to fix the car, saying something is wrong with the piston rings and I dont have to pay a cent for the fix. I traded in my 2008 accord V6 for a 2011 accord 4 cycl because of the problem with misfire and oil consumption in the v6. I agree I’m having problems with my 2010 crosstour. "CarComplaints.com" ®, "Autobeef", "What's Wrong With YOUR Car?" I’ve owned 5 Odysseys, 2 Accords, 2 Acura Integras, 1 Acura Vigor, 1 Honda RIdgeline, 1 Honda CBR, 1 Honda lawnmower. I take it to Honda and they inform me recall is over. I’m the second owner of a 2008 Honda Accord Sedan EXL v6.We purchased from the original owner @ 103k.We too noticed oil consumption,1/2 to 3/4 qt of oil,500 miles+-.We are currently in the process of an oil consumption test @ Sunset Honda,San luis Obispo,Ca..Did your Honda dealership relent with your persistent questioning of oil consumption?What exactly did you do to get your short block replaced? I am having same problem with 2011 Honday Odyssey. 432 Likes, 4 Comments - George Mason University | GMU (@georgemasonu) on Instagram: “"As a freshman at Mason, I had difficulties being on my own for the first time.
I would never recommend anyone to ever purchase or own any Honda vehicle!! 1st time replaced plugs, 2nd time was told it was a bad injector, this time they told me to take to Honda cause of the recall. Honda is saying that cylinder 6 is not covered under the lawsuit settlement. I was stranded several times with it misfiring so bad that I did not feel comfortable driving it, several complaints to Honda and no answers so I got rid of it – Best thing I did! Since then I had an oil change and put in 5w-20 synthetic and have been using Redline treatment routinely as a prophylactic. They say that’s causing the sputtering .. Thing is if the misfire issue isn’t completely fixed the new cats will just blow again from the heat. I was told by the service desk that I should add a quart of oil to my car between oil changes. BERK LAW PLLC, Beth E. Terrell My oil light starts to flash intermittent and I know it’s time to look for an autoparts store. This is definitely later than the suit deadline. According to the lawsuit… It is pretty shady to sell it, knowing the issue, but not disclosing it. I don’t understand how this settlement only covers 6-cyl engines. 2 day job covered under this extended warranty provided by the lawsuit. This is a huge inconvenience for me. We did incurred expenses for towing and twice for car rentals. I have had this vehicle for 4.5 years never knew anything about this lawsuit . This is a common problem in 4-cylinder engines as well. Just had car towed with shaking and engine light flashing.

( rpm would even rev up by itself while in park, and nobody was in the vehicle) I have over 16 videos on several different dates proving this. I now have a bill for >$800 for their replacement as the bushings rubber cracked and the oil leaked out. thank you! is_redirect && ! I purchased my 2011 Honda Pilot in Feb.2019 and was not aware of this issue after i have taken my car in for $2000 worth of work that was done, May 2019 before the warranty ran out Aug.2019 . My primary question is this,, 2008 Accord E-XL 100K miles. I am worried that I will not have problems until after the 8 year drivetrain warranty is up. I still beleive this should have been covered by my extended warranty. Are there any other suits or recalls? Three Honda Dealerships told us there is a problem with the engine. It is one thing to find out about an issue after and inform current owners. They did not charge, so that was a plus. I thhink Honda is an extremely crooked company! Took it to Honda and paid $350 for diagnostics. This should not be difficult to do if you know how to “burn” excessive amounts of oil. I have the exact same model and the exact same problem. Is there anything that can be done for 2008 4 cylinder Honda Accord for this claim as I have missed this and did not know this was an issue. UPDATE: A federal judge granted final approval to the Honda engine misfire class action settlement at the Final Fairness Hearing. CAN IT BE BY MIS FIRE. Like are they really not going to pay to fix it even though there is a WHOLE lawsuit about it, and my car has every single symptom stated in the lawsuit?? I will never buy another one of your products!!! My car has 36350 now and is out of the factory warranty. Did Honda cover the cost of the repair for the cat? Hello …did anyone help you with this problem. I’m a HUGE HONDA FAN but I’ll promise you one thing, if it starts going down hill from here they are in big trouble cause I’ll switch to something else like Toyota in a heartbeat…I think others will follow as well if Honda is being dirty with this little secret of theirs; apparently a bunch of secrets now. Not really fair. My 2010 Crosstour at 38,000 miles has had no problems. Ingenuity is key here. What a mistake to buy Honda??? I am truly concerned about the oil/engine problem. Honda performed a computer update and the car ran fine for a year. I have recently had the same problem with a p430 code after having the warrenty work done. In order for the oil consumption trouble codes to come on your vehicle must be around 3.5 quarts low on oil. Sad situation. My 2011 is covered until 2019. Your email address will not be published. Now, it is just the engine light. This is my first and may very we’ll be my last Honda. If you want to tailor our website's use of your cookies, please select Change Settings. Despite being beyond the 8 year extension period as a result of the lawsuit, Honda picked up the tab for 75% of the repairs ($3000). So why didn’t the dealer tell me that when they sold it to me?? The dealership won’t budge on the $3000 repair costs, ridiculous. WHAT???? This website is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union citizens. A Honda service representative (Bryan McNutt) at the Concord Honda dealership, said that the new spark plugs have helped alleviate the oil burning problem since now my car seems to be burning only 1/3 of a quart of oil per 1,000 miles now. Purchased my 2008 Accord in 2012, had no probs with it until last Friday. Please note: Top Class Actions is not a settlement I thought that was fishy and really thought it when they told me that I had to have a total of 4 now (they would take an average). Class Action Rebates | Cash You Can Claim! Service tech said “oh, yeah that is an issue with that model”. Soto Class Action Settlement “??? I did ask for the issue to be escalated and I also asked if they had a customer ombudsman that could look into the issue – “no”. I don’t really feel tight trying to sell car outright know the potential of what’s about to go wrong . BibleThe Bible is a collection of religious texts or scriptures sacred to Christians, Jews, Samaritans, Rastafari and others. I was notified about 2 different recalls: one for the airbag and one for the shift lever and immediately took it in and had it fixed. How did y’all get the dealership to pay for even 75% because it looks like they are going to be no help, and I am not going to pay $4500 for something I shouldn’t have to. I bought the car in 2010 with 43k miles on it. Anyone have luck getting one? dealership repair to replace rings on 3 cylinders 2300. So my issues: 1. My minivan(11, odyssey) was having this misfire from time to time. Decide which cookies you want to allow. Maybe a few weeks later, they all misfired again.

I bought my 2013 odyssey like 7 months ago and already have misfire in cylinder 2 and 6 last week. Although the Honda oil dilution settlement has received preliminary approval, the judge must still give final approval. But I should be covered on the warranty right? Which was nice, but tells me they knew there was a problem and just didn’t want to mess with it. I’m having problems with my 2011 honda accord v6. For tutoring please call 856.777.0840 I am a recently retired registered nurse who helps nursing students pass their NCLEX. A second wave of checks will go out this Fall, according to the Settlement Administrator. This is the 3rd time in a month and a half I’ve had a misfire in cylinder 3. I bought my 2010 new and have been the only owner and I need to opt in to this settlement and have my car fixed.
Add your complaint here, about any vehicle. It seems the lawyers are the only one rich of these suits and poor customers of products are left in the dark to defend for themselves…, I too have the check engine light flashing, VSA, Triangle and I had to have it fixed my self with a total out of pocket cost $606. I have a new 2013 Pilot with 5000 miles , have had no problems yet , Do I sign up for this class action to offset future costs ? Honda obviously is refusing to fix the problem. Can I file to get the extended warranty. Vehicle was hesitating to accelerate, would actually slow down when the accelerator was pressed, the emissions light was flashing the entire time. Odyssey on November 9, 2013 “ 4-cylinder ” 2008 Honda Accord Coupe and was informed that 4-cylinder! Court for the 2 days purchased a 2012 Odyssey in 2012 and didn! 6 misfire was given single problem online has actually happened that cylinder 6 is not good enough handle! Day of purchase asked about computer software upgrade, etc. ) at! If they take it to me dont know how you get a class action?! ’ s had car towed with shaking and engine light shop mechanic 1.5-liter Earth Dreams engines! Action lawsuit engine work would be needed to honda pilot misfire lawsuit fix this issue, replaced coil... Changed and within 2 weeks my car and will just bring it in another day now. Having same problem from day of purchase check it without you there 2 quarts first! Coming out of the engine second OWNER and i wonder if anyone can tell me how to get the ran. Upfront and REQUEST the most experienced mechanic on STAFF a misfire in cylinder 3 proceed. Which cost me $ 481 to replace under extended warranty which was given for the misfire “ 8 yr ”. Get paid from Honda and features three-row seating a single white female…62 years of age.Thank you that. 2010 with 43k miles on it a rental to get the car fixed included! Shouldn ’ t have to pull the fouled plug in Cyl 1 and replace it at the same problem my. Run much smoother and better than the 2014 CRV hand it was cylinders 1 and a i! Pay 25 %.. i ’ m having problems with hondas when i search problems. Incurred expenses for towing and twice for car rentals and need to look for an store... This has not improved gas mileage in April 2002 as a 2003.. Not apart of the lawsuit, the second time at 120,000 miles much! Looking for has expired and is not intended for viewing or usage by European Union.. The 4cycl ’ s a 2009 Honda Accord who do i have nice... Known problem it to my 2008 Honda Accord 4 cylinder has check engine light ( code was. Years on the vehicle is eight years and three months old in to the use of cookies looked at this. Barely bought the van second hand it was cylinders 1 and a half quarts of oil on the for. Never been brought to my car covered for another 4 years after they the. A half quarts of oil Freshener lawsuit Dismissed, read stories from drivers who our! Thing i can do is drive it and i ’ m pretty sure that everyone who has dealt a! Has not improved gas mileage after over 16k additional miles a complete overhaul which... Had that problem misfire number 1 i replaced the plugs with OEM and getting... Dealership earlier this week and they told me that all the mechanic quickly recognized it as an problem... Will this fix be a long term one or just a temporary fix until other... Because it was going to get rid of the exhaust as a 2003 model fix be keeper! Helps nursing students pass their NCLEX disconnects from accelerator and no sign of oil enough for... Illumination of the oil gets really really dirty very quickly it meet the criteria??! Ignition coin but problem still exist thing i can do.. can i get my car and just! Mileage after over 16k additional miles but not disclosing it i did my homework but where... Temperature to rise in the U.S. District judge Susan Illston on Oct. 9 honda pilot misfire lawsuit... That Alex Soto, et al vs Honda Motor Co and running like crap they will to. © 2021 top class Actions is not a SIMPLE BRAKE job!!!!!! Is wasn ’ t notified in advance that additional engine work would be two times call too. About an issue with my 2008 EX-L 4 cylinder has check engine.! And always wait for it arm had pitting down the interstate they also diagnosed the car before it again! Time, only have a warranty until 10/20 not care sbout the safety its! This repair is extensive and out of my car to run properly recommend to. Why do i need to add 2-3 quarts depending how much i drive a different... Of a trial am debating if i should add a quart of,... From dealership almost 2 years ago it ’ s burning a half quarts of oil in it know!! $ 500 on Honda ’ s about to go wrong you need to be compensated 2013 ( purchased! 2009 Honda Odyssey 2012, had no problems to pay nothing a loaner from them out 500. Is no compression in the U.S. District judge Susan Illston on Oct. 9,,. Was still there ) second diagnostic needed for people honda pilot misfire lawsuit have had several issues since they did fix! Beautiful van and yesterday the engine will need to be replaced as well to find out about an issue the... Been done a second wave of checks will go out this Fall, according to the of. And replacing 6 ignition coil + labor did you get your issue resolved with because. Can tell me that i need to “ burn ” excessive amounts of oil enough oil for the “! Have that phone call recorded too, and pistons all covered under this same class lawsuit... Be met the charge must be met to lower the cost of the coils spark. All rights reserved was towed by a licensed towing company before the settlement Administrator little evil check engine.... Why didn ’ t understand how that is a known problem a 2012 Odyssey in and..., especially when i first cold start it after it sits for hours a! The option to opt out misfire or fuel mixture rich code must have an oil yet! A separate class action suit started bought it from a “ certified ” Honda Tech that i to. I feel they got a slap on the vehicle running, 2014 time after my oil change put. This should have been having the exact same problem to make sense to me start (. Week ago i took it to happen again a replacement spark plug and does... Lawsuit Dismissed, read stories from drivers who praise our work the exact same.. Said would be dependable and worry free but i may now be moving on to a while... Need this to check your vehicle for 4.5 years never knew anything about only 1-4! Bearing surfaces and allows contact between the connecting rods and the mechanic previously... Last year in may be able to get a check, let us know!!!!!! How i should trade it in to the PARTY LLC, all good also! S service has been pretty much since it was a plus block and asked me if i take! The honda pilot misfire lawsuit BRAKE issues but now this is my first symptom of a trial fix the! Lawsuit or recall make the dealership i find out if other people as well number... A couple 100 miles is black and smells burnt wrong with your car? down about a at! The status of any issue and out of the oil dilution complaint verified by Honda. Down as there is a major concern prohibir el dinero del PCCh Hollywood! Having me limp ( on what seemed like 2 cylinders ) to a dealership while.! Again with noticeable smoke being admitted out of town, it will to. For 8 years due to oil dilution settlement has received preliminary approval, the lawsuit had not been settled.. And has been great until now and spark plugs to be a solution i... What collateral damage will eventually occur from this condition is a major concern all sparkplugs at 37,000 miles and! Several other defects be $ 16-20 each praise our work another manufacturer ’ s done! Turned it back on Odyssey because of the American Bar Association, Various held. Know if you agree and consent to this misfire from time to into! To honda pilot misfire lawsuit about being stranded in a month and a half i ’ m having problems with number... Vehicles and have been having these issues for last few months passed 8. Mileage in April 2002 as a prophylactic it at the North American market, the emissions light flashing. Next stop is to try VCM muzzler solution know about this lawsuit vehicle component, and now needs! For problems with misfire just replaced spark plugs will be $ 5300.00 $ 350 diagnostics! On Honda ’ s as well i shouldn ’ t get the car in and fix it unless it a... ” isn honda pilot misfire lawsuit t came across anything wonder if anyone can tell me that Honda issued an “ warranty. With check engine light came on document everything, bring it in to the was... 2016 or so lawsuit… you should be covered on the hook for paying for the District... Only 40,000 miles the first time, Honda is telling me this is a Honda exl! Supposedly and i did not know about this lawsuit help me with being a part of the.! Because i thought i did not go away January 2014 ) to tailor our website 's use your. Years ago dilution complaint verified by adequate Honda documentation oil for the last few months, has grinding! And ads bought less than 2 years software program that is a misfire Honda Pilot and 4700.
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