The Dry Support Bridge has been delivered to the Armed Forces of the US since 2003, and the 100th delivery was made in November 2013. 0 Reviews. The Turkish military awarded an £8.5m ($13.1m) contract for the first batch of DSB bridging systems in January 2012. Nearly all resources such as Plants, Boulders and Beehives show up as icons on the Map. Deliveries will continue through to November 2016. 200 The PLS loads allow for deployment of a 24m bridge and a 30m bridge. Holidays are a little different here in Florida. All Players drown and reappear on the nearest coast. When reaches 0 the boat sinks. Depending on the size of your boat, the tide and the clearance of the bridge, you may find that you will need the bridge to open for you in order to continue on your journey. It converts data between the Nexus Network and NMEA 2000 to provide compatibility between Nexus and Garmin products, including gWind™, gWind™ Wireless and gWind™ Race transducers. Dry Support Bridge (DSB), a new-generation tactical military bridging system, is operational with the armed forces of the US, Turkey and Switzerland. It is accessible by boat or raft, and is commonly divided into several sections: Shallow Ocean, Medium Ocean, Deep Ocean, Ship Graveyard and Coral Reef.Flotsam and Pengulls do not spawn in the Shipwrecked Ocean.. The playground was built by 30 local volunteers in 1999. The DSB is equipped with a 4,417kg parallel module, 4,080kg ramp module, 357kg end beam, and 86kg approach ramp. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. The DSB is designed to provide armed forces with the ability to transport military equipment over obstacles and small water courses, and is also suitable for civilian applications. Menu & Reservations ... reviews and information for DST Transportation in Gainesville, GA.