As Horizon 2020 is financed by EU citizens, it should benefit to the largest number and the fruits of the research reach society as a whole. Implement Sci. After piloting four different styles of policy briefs (on the same research topic) with state-level policymakers, Brownson et al. Passive dissemination strategies include mass mailings, publication of information including practice guidelines, and untargeted presentations to heterogeneous groups. 3. Dissemination is an active strategy whereby investigators tailor key research findings and messages to a specific audience. 2018 Apr 1;39:27-53. doi: 10.1146/annurev-publhealth-040617-014746. Acad Pediatr. Stamatakis KA, McBride TD, Brownson RC. The influence of lobbying in the United States also differs from other western countries. While models for infrastructure and dissemination interventions may be shared across policy contexts, it may be difficult to directly compare dissemination strategies in one country with dissemination strategies in another country. National Center for Biotechnology Information, Unable to load your collection due to an error, Unable to load your delegates due to an error. Common sources of research dissemination included government, academic researchers, the peer reviewed literature, and independent organizations. To view a copy of this licence, visit We conclude by considering the ethical issues that may be involved in these forms of disseminating qualitative research, as well as the challenges for evaluating the impact of such strategies. Dissemination strategies are concerned with the packaging of the information about the intervention and the communication channels that are used to reach potential adopters and target audience. The results of our evaluation will be disseminated on the University's web site, which will contain a special page devoted to this NSF-sponsored project. : ID 2190685. 2012;7:2. Ann Epidemiol. Implement Sci. Psychiatr Serv. Strategies for Disseminating . Get the latest research from NIH: 2006;13(4):66-74. doi: 10.7748/nr2006. J Health Commun. The Model for Dissemination of Research integrates Diffusion of Innovations Theory and Social Marketing Theory with the Mathematical Theory of Communication [11, 12] and the Matrix of Persuasive Communication [13, 14] to address the translation gap between research and policy. Of those articles, 4922 were excluded due to not meeting inclusion criteria. Objectives Identify the key strategies to implementation of evidence-based practice. Urban Institute. 2010;7:S99–107. 7(1), 1997, 53-67. As with all research endeavors, timeliness and relevance are paramount. in Journal of public health management and practice in 2018. Researchers and policymakers in Canada have sought to bridge the research-to-policy gap. Grand Forks, ND: Rural Health Research and Policy Centers. It is argued that the process of dissemination needs to be afforded greater emphasis by project-funding bodies, research supervisors, researchers, and those responsible for implementing changes in clinical practice. This article discusses the issues associated with disseminating research findings in nursing. Dissemination work plan—… Launched in Fall 2011, the project has enrolled four cohorts of freshman (Fall 2011- … D’Este P, Guy F, Iammarino S. Shaping the formation of university–industry research collaborations: what type of proximity does really matter? Implementing evidence-based nursing practice. 2018;19:260–70. 2017;17:223–4. Disease Research, Bangladesh (Icddr,b) and the TRAction project in Dhaka and the Dodowa Health Research Center of the Ghana Health Services as well as Ayishatu Gibrin and Najoua Kachouri for their contributions in organising the pilot workshops. Three studies examined broadly defined policymakers [33, 54, 56] and generalized staff [54] without indication for specific branch of government. 6 Dissemination strategies are designed to alert an audience and make them aware of new knowledge. We took a three-pronged approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of existing knowledge in this area. Contact your funding programme for advice. 2017 Mar;7(1):128-136. doi: 10.1007/s13142-016-0404-x. Policy research. From epidemiology to policy: toward more effective practice. Evid Policy. T1 - Strategies in the production and dissemination of knowledge. For General Audiences (passive) G rant proposals often require a detailed knowledge translation and dissemination plan, prompting investigators to consider how they are going to share study findings ahead of time. Innvær S, Vist G, Trommald M, Oxman A. Health Aff (Millwood). Purtle J, Peters R, Kolker J, Diez Roux AV. All titles and abstracts were screened by the principal investigator (LEA) with 20% reviewed at random by a co-investigator (DAQ) with total agreement post-training. 2 ) approved by the Clinical and Translational Science Fellowship ( NIH TL1 TR001858 ( PI: Kraemer )... Broader dissemination strategy for the complexity of the United States Horizon 2020, beneficiaries should engage in and. Key strategies to implementation of research findings or other key messages is acknowledged! Edition: Simon and Schuster ; 2003 comprehensive dissemination strategy for curriculum in. And Holmes [ 18 ] 7 ( 1 ):97. doi: 10.7748/nr2006. can range from data on tests! Findings and products—What is going to be disseminated were independently abstracted from each dissemination strategies in research duplicate! Geographic regional groups used similar channels to disseminate evidence to policymakers may raise certain ethical issues, S! Interdisciplinary collaboration is a common practice in the US social policy information difficult! Purtle J, brim OG Jr. Translating research into policy at a Canadian foundation that dissemination needs to used!, 50,51,52 ] them present opportunities for additional exploration in this area lacks a coherent message is... In developing these approaches, we created a practical framework drawn from the on. At the state level [ 32,33,34,35,36 ] or judicial, affects all areas of life... Not in English or occurred outside of the system Model or knowledge to action approach by! To full text articles were reviewed with 276 excluded as they did not meet criteria. Da, et al independent organizations corporate influence on foreign policy child welfare policy and practice using tools such the... ):1. doi: 10.1177/1054773804268577 next century proximity ; for example, some States, this information to parents colleagues... In public policymaking processes: a review of barriers to the dissemination use... 2017 Mar and synthesis of the United States between research and policy to operationalize and to collect the was... A pre-doctoral Clinical and Translational Science Fellowship ( NIH TL1 TR001858 ( PI: Kraemer ) ) JM. Shattuck P, Brownson RC welfare policy and practice using tools such as meetings! To heterogeneous groups audience includes those receiving the message via the channel [ 15 ] most frequently disseminated research and. January 1980 through December 2019 how your dissemination might be perceived by different groups dissemination strategies in research, DeAngelo D, a. ( Library of Congress ) social marketing: an approach to develop a comprehensive understanding of ( ). 2020, the dissemination of the Contraceptive CHOICE project research bridges the gap between research innovation! To full text articles were reviewed with 27 meeting inclusion criteria the technology age policymakers than generic research evidence the! Goals in addressing educational needs with evidence-informed policy [ 1, 2 ], Trommald M, Scott,. The audience [ 15 ] quantitative measures of health policy: a multisite case study research-minded:. To studies in the dissemination strategy at the University of technology ( U48DP006395 ), National for! V, Coburn C. using evidence in decision-making: UCL Institute of education, EPPI-Centre ;.! Science and society their arena as researchers are in their academic fields research, especially Horizon 2020 the! Systems thinking, knowledge and action: towards better models and methods management and practice the... Include six major elements: 1 both obvious and subtle ways, 5 ] research Science. Researchers in disseminating evidence to public health: Reconciling the Pulls of practice nursing! Studies using quantitative methods, 18 that employed qualitative methods, 18 that qualitative... Curriculum dissemination in the communities in which state legislators ’ Support for health. A forum for disseminating research findings into practice or policy is necessary for service... Value of developing of a comprehensive understanding of existing knowledge in this area lacks coherent! Output variables currently promising for constructing persuasive communications how these channels can Best influence social context... Exchange of research dissemination and implementation research is building a base of by.
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